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To use the lab's resources, a valid and signed project agreement is required. For users who have such an agreement, the following responsibilities apply.

Initial contact
When starting a new project (including MA and PhD projects) all users must fill in a project application form (opens in new tab). Subsequently, book a meeting with the directorship to discuss technical, methodological, and ethical issues, possible costs, and to ensure that users have the necessary expertise.


Lund University MoRe-Lab responsibilities

  • The Lab provides access to equipment, hardware and instruments, software and computing power to users' projects. The Lab may also provide server space for user data during the lifetime of a research project.  However, long-term archiving and data storage is the responsibility of the user. 
  • The Lab provides initial methodological advice and consultations. Courses, tutorials, and workshops will be announced on the Lab's webpage and may be accessed by lab users. 
  • Booking of Lab facilities and equipment is regulated through an online booking system (found on webpage. Users need to have a valid user agreement to receive access to calendars enabling booking and to facilities. 

User responsibilities

  • The project leader is responsible for forwarding relevant information to all project members, all well as notifying the lab administration which project members should have access to the lab booking system and/or equipment. 
  • The project leader is responsible for all users including students who may be involved in their project, and in the use of lab equipment. 
  • All users must demonstrate that they have the required practical expertise. 
  • All users should be familiar with the code of conduct in the lab (found on webpage).
  • For all projects (including MA and PhD projects) it is necessary that ethics approvals are secured before a study is conducted.
  • The project manager is ultimately responsible for research design, data collection, analyses, and compliance with good ethical practice (see below). Lab staff can assist with these issues but are not responsible for these steps.
  • All users must sign a user agreement form that must be approved by the lab director. 
  • The project manager is responsible for data management, that is, the storage, backup, and long-term archiving of research data. 
  • When presenting or publishing research that was conducted at, or assisted by MoRe-Lab, MoRe-Lab must be noted in the acknowledgement section. For example, “Data collection took place at the Lund University MoRe-Lab.” or “The author(s) gratefully acknowledge(s) Lund University MoRe-Lab for their assistance in conducting this research”.
  • Users must also tag the MoRe-Lab in the Lund University research portal (LUCRIS) as research infrastructure.
  • All users must be qualified for specific lab equipment (separate from the user agreement).
  • The lab must be left in the same condition as it was found.
  • The lab can provide smaller physical storage.
  • Project manager is responsible for who is let in the lab during the booked time.
  • Any issues in the lab must immediately be reported to lab staff.

Research conducted in Lund University MoRe-Lab must comply with good research practice following the recommendations from the Swedish Research Council and Lund University Ethics Guidelines. Studies on human subjects may need approval from the Ethical Review Board. 

If lab staff are involved in assisting a research project, there may be implications for co-authorship and intellectual property rights. These issues should be addressed by the project leader and lab staff a priori. As a general rule MoRe-Lab follows the guidelines for research as recommended in the European code of conduct for research integrity. By signing the user agreement, the project leader also agrees to the rules and regulations as recommended by European code of conduct for research integrity. Any deviation from these guidelines must be discussed and approved in writing with the MoRe-Lab director and project leader.

Authors formally agree on the sequence of authorship, acknowledging that author- ship itself is based on: (1) a significant contribution to the design of the research, relevant data collection, its analysis, and/ or interpretation; (2) drafting and/or critical reviewing the publication; (3) approval of the final publication; and (4) agreeing to be responsible for the content of the publication, unless specified otherwise in the publication.

European code of conduct for research integrity.


Guidelines as pdf (opens in new tab)