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Treadmill room

Student on treadmill gaitway 3d. Photo.
Photo: Sigrid Svensson

The treadmill room houses a state of the art instrumented treadmill capable of measuring both pressure and force during walking and running. It is coupled with a motion capture system to allow for a complete functional and biomechanical analysis.

  • Motion capture system with 10 infrared Qualisys Arqus cameras and 2 Qualisys Miqus video cameras. The system uses passive, reflective markers that are attached on the body of the participant.
  • Instrumented treadmill (Gaitway 3D) with pressure and force detection (more details, new window). 
  • NORAXON 16-channel Ultium  wireless EMG and IMU system


Legs on treadmill gaitway 3d. Photo.
Student on treadmill gaitway 3d from the right side. Photo.
MoRe-Lab Treadmill on its own. Photo.
Treadmill Gaitway 3D Photo: Sigrid Svensson