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Reality home

Kitchen with modified cabinets and counter top. Photo.

The Reality platform is a fully functional one bedroom home (2 room) built to Swedish standards for accessible housing. It includes all amenities normally found in a home, including fully functional appliances and bathroom, washer dryers, dishwasher etc.

In addition, the home is instrumented with an array of technologies and features including:

  • Axis camera system with 14 P3255-LVE cameras and 3 M4308-PLE cameras
  • Axis server for recording up to 1 week of video and audio
  • Microphones and speakers for two-way communication between the apartment and the control room
  • Kitchen countertop and sink with adjustable height
  • “Robo-cupboards” 
Kitchen sink with camera. Photo.
Bed and lamps in the Reality Lab. Photo.
Reality home outdoor view with garden. Photo.